There’s this unexplained thrill that comes with chasing down a rare fish in the wild. You try different things and spend hours waiting for this rare occurrence to pick you as the lucky angler. Tiger trout are one of nature’s rarest species, which is why anglers would go to
Wooly Bugger flies are the go-to fly for fly anglers. They can be fished in a variety of sizes to get both small and large fish on the hook. Their materials allow them to provide unique motion from the marabou, which often causes a strike from predatory fish. It’s
Woolly Bugger flies are effective in trout fishing as they can be fished in various sizes that fit small and big fish equally. Their materials allow them to provide unique motion from the marabou that often triggers a strike from predatory trout. Choosing the right size can be tricky
Trout is on the to-catch list of many anglers. They put up a strong fight and a fishing trip to catch them can be a definite source of adrenaline. However, some people take a step back when they know that catching trout can come at a cost. Do trout
A debate has been going on for a long time about whether choosing specific colors is really that effective in trout fishing. Researchers have recently proven that colors matter when it comes to catching the trout’s attention, some colors appeal to it and it won’t harm you to consider