Pike fish are known to be notorious predators that can be difficult to catch, but that’s what makes targeting them exciting. A strong braided line is definitely what you need to increase your chances of getting all the pike you dream of. So, what strength of braid do you
Braided fishing lines have come very far in popularity in the past few years. Despite their drawbacks and expense, many anglers prefer them for their outstanding benefits. Yet some lakes and fisheries are starting to ban the use of braided lines which caused some frustration among anglers who used
Fluorocarbon lines are becoming a popular choice among anglers. For all its benefits it’s considered a worthy upgrade from monofilament. But anglers still face some issues with it such as the line breaking. So, why does fluorocarbon line break so easily? Fluorocarbon breaks so easily because it is a
A correctly spooled spinning reel gives you the best chance of catching more fish, on the other hand, a poorly spooled spinning reel is more prone to twists and tangles which hinders your fishing performance. You don’t need to worry though, simple methods such as soaking your line in
Carp Spawning can be a complicated biological process. There are many myths about Carp dying after spawning. Therefore, it’s very crucial for anglers to understand the carp reproduction process as it plays a large part in successfully fishing for carp. So, why do Carp die after spawning? Carp do