Baitcaster reels are a popular option, particularly with professional anglers. They’re capable of handling heavy lines and have the best accuracy and control. However, their best feature is definitely their ability to cast further than other reels.    So, can baitcasters cast further? Yes, baitcasters can cast further than spinning
It’s important for any angler to be armed with the best and highest-quality fishing rod. Telescopic rods are popular for their portability and affordability. Yet, many anglers seem to think that telescopic rods are a bad choice. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get the right idea about telescopic rods.
Braided lines are popular for their many benefits. However, their most problematic drawback is their visibility underwater, which can reduce your chance of getting more catches. So, do braided lines spook fish? Braided lines can spook fish. They are the most visible line, especially in clear water, so fish