The jerkbait and swimbait are both proven producers. When one is producing small bites the other will often produce larger fish. That’s why anglers often prepare both of them in a single fishing trip. But what sets them apart? So, what are the differences between swimbait and jerkbait? The
If you’re new to the fishing world and looking for lures recommendations you may hear the words crankbait and jerkbait more than enough. They’re known to be effective in countless situations and proved successful in catching lots of fish. But when can you use each one of them? So,
One of the most enticing features of lake trout fishing is that it can be done all year. However, anglers will need to adapt their tactics as the seasons change, but it’s not that difficult with a little practice. Summer trouting out of all seasons has its special advantages,
Trout are fish that eat other smaller fish. However, you can get their attention with much simpler methods. You can attract trout with baits, flies, worms, salmon eggs, garlic, salt, corn, and – of course – cheese! Do trout eat cheese? Yes, trout eat cheese. Any type of cheese