The term tracking is often used in the kayaking community. It’s normal for many beginners to be unfamiliar with what tracking is and what it means for a kayak to track well. So, what does it mean for a kayak to track well? Tracking essentially refers to how well
Crankbait and spinnerbait are both versatile and productive lures that can be used anywhere anytime. You can have them both in your tackle box to ensure multiple strikes. However, the differences between them can be vital in choosing which one is the best for the situation. So, what’s the
Who said you can’t enjoy fishing for trophy bass without being literally on the water? You can definitely catch big bass by casting your bait from shore. With the right gear, location, and technique you can enjoy a family fishing day on the nearby bank. How to fish for
Coldwater isn’t always a prime fishing location for many anglers. Bass anglers, on the other hand, seek coldwater to target bass in a breathtaking experience. It’s true bass slows down in colder weather but they still have to feed and it’s your job to know how to get it
Artificial lures have endless shapes and types. Each of these types is designed to do a specific job underwater to attract specific species. Some of these productive lures are jerkbait and minnows. Is there a big difference between both of them? And what about the similarities?  What do minnow