One of the most fun yet challenging fishing techniques is crankbait fishing. Crankbait rods are special rods with a moderate action and a medium or medium-heavy power rating. Because crankbait rods are not easy to find, finding the perfect crankbait rod could be a little challenging. Multiple factors can
Moving around and digging experimental holes until you reach your heavenly spot is the worst part about this thrilling winter sport. Icefish finders save your time and effort by exposing what’s beneath the ice without a hassle.  Many companies produce ice fish finders in the form of specialized devices
Catfish are not easy to catch; they’re fighters, they’re heavy, and they’re smart. You can’t pick the first rod you see and expect it to be able to withstand a catfish’s fight. Because catfish are strong, they need a strong rod to be able to keep up with them.
Fishing from a kayak is something that interests many anglers. It doesn’t only challenge your tackling skills, but also your paddling and pedaling skills. Kayaks can help you have a quiet fishing experience, not to mention, they’re environment-friendly, unlike boats that use gas motors. Not everyone can afford an
If you like chilling near flowing rivers, it won’t hurt if you practiced some trout fishing to clear your mind. If you are reading this right now, you have probably considered fishing, otherwise, why would you google “trout fishing?” You also probably know what a trout is, and you
When it comes to deciding which line is better, it might be a bit difficult as both are favored by a large number of anglers, and depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer.  Most of the veteran anglers prefer mono fishing lines but mainly because
Fishing has been around since humans first stepped foot on earth, as a means of securing survival through food. As we evolved, our inventions and technology evolved with us and translated into creating intuitive, more effective tools to carry-out our different activities. It’s no surprise that modern technology found
Fishing is one of those pastimes that are incredibly versatile. It can serve as your hobby, and it can serve as your livelihood. It offers a multitude of benefits that we will not go into detail about right now. However, it does require its own accessories which can snowball