Part of becoming a more experienced angler is expanding your gear along the way. You will have to include different fishing lines in your gearbox when you adopt different fishing techniques and go after a broader spectrum of fish species. We’re here to explore the differences and similarities between
The fun in ice fishing lies in the challenges that come with it. Whether these challenges are weather conditions, finding shelter, or finding a good rod. So, imagine this. You’ve got your warm shelter, your baits, lures, reel, and your ice fishing rod. You’re dressed in a huge fluffy
We all know that fishing is about patience and faith, but it’s not like every day is Christmas! You don’t want to live the frustration of coming home empty-handed. That’s why kayak fish finders are a blessing in the water. Combine the maneuverability and quietness of a kayak with
River fishing is a great way to go out and get some fresh air while exploring places you wouldn’t otherwise explore. However, there are many kayak models on the market, and each is designed with a particular sport in mind.  Not all kayaks are designed for river navigation. You’ll
Bass fish are known for being fighters, which is exactly why bass fishing is one of the most exciting fishing habits that anyone can relate to, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You just can’t say no to a bass’ fight. Because bass fish are fighters, you’d need
When it comes to deciding which line is better, it might be a bit difficult as both are favored by a large number of anglers and depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer.  Most of the veteran anglers prefer mono fishing lines but mainly because
Saltwater is not as forgiving as freshwater. Saltwater itself could damage almost anything near it, let alone a fishing rod. In addition, saltwater fish are more fighters than freshwater fish, and they need special rods than can handle them. Moreover, there are different techniques of saltwater fishing; each technique
There’s an old saying that goes, “90% of the fish are in 10% of the water”. The question is, where specifically is this 10%? We genuinely believe that there isn’t any piece of gear that’s quite impactful more than a fish finder. With a good one, you can ride
Kayak fishing is one of the best things to do while kayaking because you’re exercising, lowering your blood pressure, having fun, transporting economically, and catching fish with more accessible fishing water while you’re at it. However, not all the fishing equipment on the market can help you enjoy your