You may see it on the news or while you’re scrolling on your Twitter feed that some girl got a couple of stitches because she was bitten with a muskie in some nearby reservoir. You see a picture of her bleeding leg and think “Woah, that’s some aggressive fish!”
The level of difficulty associated with catching muskies is no secret, especially when you realize how moody and unpredictable muskies can be. Many anglers dedicate a lot of time and effort to understanding the behavior of Tiger Muskies and the best places to catch them.  So, how hard is
It’s that time of the year when muskie hard-core fanatics are planning to catch their next trophy muskie. So questions like “where to find them?” or “how to maximize my chances?” or “can I find them in X by doing Y?” are very common and frequently asked by beginners
Colorado is famous for its population of various species of fish that make the local water bodies an amazing combination of underwater wildlife. Anglers hit Colorado waters all year to fish for their favorite species and catch trophy fish, but what about muskie hard-core anglers? Do they have the
It’s been a long time of the off-season. An avid angler like you must’ve been on tenterhooks to get that kayak off your backyard or garage and pursue their waterborne endeavor. By the time you get to the end of this short handout, you’ll have dusted your kayak off,