Kayak fishing may sound new to some of us, but it dates back to our ancestors. Think about how beneficial it is to fish with something that does not require batteries or gas! It is also handy due to its relative lightweight when compared to boats. Moreover, it is
Chasing game fish like walleye is a must-have experience for people who enjoy the adrenaline rush. However, this exciting adventure can be clouded by concerns of getting bitten by one and whether it can turn into something serious. I have all the answers for you to ensure that your
Colors may not always be your number one concern when you go fishing, but in case you’re targeting a sight feeder like a muskie you definitely need to put it into consideration. Depending on how muskies see the world, you’ll be able to customize your lures for maximized opportunities
Kayaking is chart-topping on the list of recurring hobbies right now. Due to low cost and easy access, kayaking’s popularity has soared considerably among individuals of various age groups. Weren’t you daydreaming of that perfect spare weekend where you thrust through the waters to entice some fresh fish for
You may see it on the news or while you’re scrolling on your Twitter feed that some girl got a couple of stitches because she was bitten with a muskie in some nearby reservoir. You see a picture of her bleeding leg and think “Woah, that’s some aggressive fish!”