Ascend kayaks are highly regarded among other kayak brands. Many beginners may not be familiar with the brand or what makes it so popular among skilled kayakers. So, are Ascend kayaks good? Ascend kayaks are good. Ascend is one of the most reputable kayak brands in the market as
An important factor to consider when buying a kayak is its material. Fiberglass material has been developed and used to manufacture since the 1950s and it’s still gaining more popularity in the current times because of the many benefits it offers. So, are fiberglass kayaks good? Fiberglass kayaks are
When buying their first kayak, beginners are confronted with several types and models to choose from. Most beginners go for plastic kayaks, so it’s important to understand what makes plastic kayaks a popular choice. So, are plastic kayaks good? Plastic kayaks are good, especially for beginners. They are made
Before setting out on a kayaking adventure, you need to have a good understanding of your kayak’s abilities and the factors that affect its speed in order to be able to time your trip correctly. Longer kayaks are known to be capable of going faster than shorter kayaks. So,
Bass and trout are two of the most popular species that many anglers enjoy targeting. Understanding the difference between both of them will help adjust your fishing technique accordingly and improve your chances of catching them. Here’s a quick comparison between the basic characteristics of bass vs trout: Bass
The possibility of getting attacked by a shark while kayaking isn’t really that high, however, it’s not completely impossible. Fortunately, there is a lot of information that can help kayakers protect themselves. So, do sharks attack kayaks? Yes, sharks do attack kayaks although these attacks are considered very rare.
 Wildlife viewing is one of the most exciting aspects of kayaking. A great and common example for this kind of experience is kayaking with alligators. While they are fearsome creatures, you can still safely paddle near them. So, can you kayak with alligators? Yes, you can kayak with alligators