Monofilament fishing lines are, most probably, the most common fishing lines in the market right now. There’s not one fisherman who has not started his/her journey using a good old monofilament.  Why? Several factors have made monofilament fishing lines a popular choice amongst anglers. These factors include their strength,
With the increasing popularity of kayaking, the market for kayaks became heavily saturated. There’s a lot to choose from with different specs and price ranges.  In this guide, you’ll find out more about the best ocean fishing kayaks that you can get to improve your skills and spend endless
Bass is a stubborn, aggressive finicky fish that can live in either fresh or saltwater. These characteristics make it a challenging fish to catch. However, it does provide a superior level of entertainment and competition when you find the perfect fishing equipment for catching bass. Nonetheless, just like with
Fishing lines designed for trouts are abundant, but not all of them are that good.  But what makes trout fishing such a popular activity anyway? Trouts can be found everywhere, which encourages beginners and pros to try and catch trout. Also, they’re a bit shy and feisty, and that
Part of becoming a more experienced angler is expanding your gear along the way. You will have to include different fishing lines in your gearbox when you adopt different fishing techniques and go after a broader spectrum of fish species. We’re here to explore the differences and similarities between
The fun in ice fishing lies in the challenges that come with it. Whether these challenges are weather conditions, finding shelter, or finding a good rod. So, imagine this. You’ve got your warm shelter, your baits, lures, reel, and your ice fishing rod. You’re dressed in a huge fluffy
We all know that fishing is about patience and faith, but it’s not like every day is Christmas! You don’t want to live the frustration of coming home empty-handed. That’s why kayak fish finders are a blessing in the water. Combine the maneuverability and quietness of a kayak with
River fishing is a great way to go out and get some fresh air while exploring places you wouldn’t otherwise explore. However, there are many kayak models on the market, and each is designed with a particular sport in mind.  Not all kayaks are designed for river navigation. You’ll